Monday, 15 December 2014


It didn't feel as though we were In The Bleak Midwinter tonight at hut 341 despite that being the theme carol for the night.  It was a beautifully calm and almost warm night with hardly a breath of wind and no hint of the showers that haunted the opening of hut 225 last night.

In previous years Carrie has created hut sized artworks using layers of tissue paper and glue which when lit from behind formed a stained glass window effect.  This year she created a nativity scene using tissue paper on glass which hung at the front of the hut.

Behind this was a genuine stained glass window with a snowflake-like design on it lending an air of antiquity and authenticity to the hut.

The peaceful weather and the calmness of the figures in the nativity scene gave the evening a very special feel of peaceful meditation.  A definite antidote to the commercialism of Christmas and the rushing from one event to another that so many of us get caught up with at this time of year.

The next hut is a little further to the west at number 362 where we'll gather together to see art from Aldrington school.

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