Friday, 12 December 2014


Mary and Joseph visited beach hut 194 tonight, the first time this year that we've had anything that looks like a nativity scene.

A beach hut makes a natural nativity tableau as it looks so much like the traditional crib scene that we see recreated in so many Christmas cards, shop windows and church crib services.  Tonight the hut was full of straw which also gave the scene the authentic smell of a stable.

The hut came complete with a manger and a baby Jesus although of course Jesus' birth is still another twelve days away so this baby was a little premature.

The background to the nativity included an array of light up bunnies and squirrels, either alluding to  Easter or just making the scene look even cuter, although it was the children who stole the limelight as they handed out chocolates and invited their friends into the hut to become part of the action.

The next hut is the victim of a slight printing error on our part and is hut number 424, not 364 as is printed on the flyers.  There will be a sign at 364 pointing people toward the actual hut which is only 100 yards away and of course it will be marked with our marvellous 'Star on a Stick' which is raised above every hut so that the Beach Hut Advent Calendar pilgrims can follow the star to their destination hut each night.

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