Saturday, 14 December 2013

14th December - Hut 11

Tonight we travelled the furthest East we could go on our Beach Hut Advent pilgrimage to find that we'd arrived in Nazareth, Jesus' home town and the place Mary and Joseph set off from to get to Bethlehem.

Amanda Ogilvie and Diane Cowan created a tiny little town in the corner of the hut which glowed with the good news that it was part of the Christmas story.

Made from a mixture of modelling clay and plastic pots, some of the little white houses even had gardens and a tiny well as a water feature to add to the scene.

On the back wall of the hut was a hand drawn map of Palestine showing the relationships between Nazareth, Jerusalem and Bethlehem which made you realise what a journey Mary and Joseph would have had, quite an undertaking for a young, pregnant woman.

The next hut is also close to Hove Lawns and is one of the most Easterly of the month as it is number 79a.

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