Saturday, 22 December 2012

Beach Hut 22

Amidst the howling wind, mist and bursts of rain, Kirsty Tyler created an awesome image of majesty and humility in hut 424 tonight.

The theme carol was All Hail the Power of Jesus Name which is about the kingship and victory of Jesus as Lord of all, but the installation reminded us that he came to show a different perspective on this.

First was a plain band of gold, like the simple baptism bracelets given to babies at their christening or worn in paintings of royal babies as a regal diadem.  

Then came the crown of thorns showing Jesus as the servant king who died in the service of humanity, and finally was a royal crown in all it's splendour and glory, symbolic of Jesus who sits at God's right hand.

All of these were suspended and tethered to mitigate the effect of the wind which constantly battered us throughout the evening with relentless persistence.

We're drawing close to Christmas Eve and tomorrow are in hut 381.

1 comment:

Charlie said...

You are soooo clever Kirsty!

So sorry illness and other commitments prevented us coming out tonight but have been checking the website regularly to catch a glimpse of your creativity for this year. Fantastic!