Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Beach Hut Advent Calendar roundup

Now that Christmas is over it seems like an appropriate time to review the 2011 Beach Hut Advent Calendar and to say a few thank yous.

Firstly thank you to all the participants who created such wonderful pieces of art, performances and events. The quality of the work and the amount of effort that people put in was truly wonderful and the Beyond team loved coming down each night to see the incredible creations in all weathers. Thanks also to Higgidy pies for their generosity in giving us Christmas pies to give out on Christmas Eve and vouchers for a years supply of pies which we split between two families who had been out to all 24 huts - that was more than even the Beyond team managed!

We had some great media coverage this year with Meridian coming along on the first night attempting to do a live broadcast which unfortunately was subject to gremlins but which did get broadcast the following night.

Also BBC Breakfast came along a couple of times to film a few different huts and broadcast this lovely piece a number of times on Christmas Day.

Beyond is planning our next event which will be in Lent which begins on 22nd February so keep an eye on for full details about that.

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Happy Daiz said...

Excellent !
Praise God !
Thank you !
Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas !