Saturday, 10 December 2011

Beach Hut 10

Tonight was another installment in our series on angels as we try to get close to the multitudes that are described in the Christmas stories in the Bible.

Rosie and her family put together a very stylish hut focussing on the wings of the angel Gabriel, suspended as if by magic in a dark sky. This was very much in contrast to this evening's night sky which was brightly lit by a full moon and was the clearest and calmest evening we've had so far.

The wings hung in the air and slowly turned, glinting in the light and moving from black silhouette to golden shine with every revolution.

The hut itself was coated in gold and above the doors was a verse from Hebrews chapter 13 verse 2 - Do not forget to show kindness and hospitality to strangers, for some have done so and welcomed angels without knowing it.

There were some angels going round in the crowd as well, offering people chocolate coins to go with their mince pies and mulled wine. In the Christmas story angels appear as magical beings singing to the shepherds on the hills or announcing news to Mary or Joseph, but more often than not in the Bible they appear as ordinary people, unrecognised by some but visible to those with faith as messengers of God.

Next hut is 168 and will feature poetry readings especially written for the night.


Allies Blog said...

Wow this looks amazing well done Rosie, Bex & Abby

bakeacake4me said...

Beautiful Angels!