Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Rhythms of Life and Advent

Sunday we looked at Rhythms of Life starting from the cycles of the universe and solar system down to seasons, days and our own daily routines and rhythms. Rhythm is built into all creation and we all carry a reminder of that with us everywhere in our own heartbeat.

We looked at the passage in Ecclesiastes 3 which talk about the times and seasons of life and is written in a beautifully rhythmic way as a series of contrasting couplets. We used these couplets to play game and then took some time to draw a rhythm map of our lives using a circle made from the couplets and considering how close or far away we felt to each of the emotions described in the passage.Finally Tirl Bryant from the Psalm Drummers took part in the event and urged us all to look for God's heartbeat in our lives.

After only a year we have developed our own rhythm at BEYOND and find ourselves back at the Beach Hut Advent Calendar which launches tonight. Got to our website for the full timetable of openings and if you're anywhere nearby come and visit us one night at 5.30pm. Come back here every day if you can't visit us in person and we'll post photos and words from each night as we go along.

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