Thursday, 3 December 2009

Beach Hut 3

There was lots to rejoice about tonight as hut number 128 was taken over by All Saints Church Hove, who chose O Come, O Come Emmanuel as their carol.

Bright fluorescent colours offset the dark icon which was the centrepiece of the display with a mass of different Christmas lights hung around the hut and arranged on the floor.

This is the first time that we've had a chance to sing and we were all given song sheets so that we could sing the theme carol to the accompaniment of a ukelele played by one of the parishioners who is just about to head off to Afghanistan to work over the Christmas period.

It's interesting to see the mix of people who come along and already those of us who attend each night are beginning to get to know some of the folk who are making this a regular part of their preparation for Christmas.

The loyalty scheme seems to be helping with this as every night there are a number of people who are keen to get a stamp on their card with many of them having 100% attendance so far.

It's great to meet people who have made a special effort to come and see what we're doing like the group of university first year girls who came along tonight after reading about us on the internet. In some cases we've been able to renew relationships first begun at last years event as well.

There'll be more opportunities to meet people, chat and share mince pies and mulled wine together tomorrow night at hut number 177 where we'll get a chance to experience an open air silent disco.

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