Saturday, 19 December 2009

Beach hut 19

It's taken us to nearly 20 days into the Beach hut Advent Calendar to see our first nativity scene. The carol was Away in a Manger and Carrie and Lucy created a wonderful image of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus made from different coloured tissue paper to form a hut-size screen which was lit from behind with a lovely gentle light.

Alongside this wonderful hut was a table full of goodies to add to the mince pies and mulled wine. The only difficulty was that with the temperature being -8 degrees a lot of the cakes froze and turned into mini ice-creams!

Fortunately we did have a bit of winter warmth from a small wood burner although the ice underfoot meant we all got very cold feet no matter how close we got the fire.

We were accompanied by a beautiful new moon which combined with a very calm sea and low tide and snow covered beaches to make a gorgeous calm night.

The next hut is waiting to be unveiled beside the lagoon and is number 410.

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