Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Beach Hut 16

It was the coldest night since the start of the Beach Hut Advent Calendar but at least it wasn't snowing as it was further north in the county. The cold suited the theme which was The Holy and the Ivy which always feels like a cosy winter scene offset by the deep greens and reds of the leaves and berries. Hut 357a was framed by garlands of holly and ivy and the whole hut was lit by candlelight which made it all feel very warm.

We're still being visited by a few hardy Advent pilgrims who are determined to give themselves the best chance of winning that night at the Hotel du Vin and have managed to collect a whole set of beach hut stamps to date. But we also get a fair number of new visitors each night and it's great to meet them and share a little about what we're doing and why there are so many people out on the beach in all weathers.

Next hut is being decorated by a local childrens home and is number 403.

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