Friday, 11 December 2009

Beach Hut 11

It was a beautiful clear, cold night tonight which was very appropriate for the hut which had a clean, crisp snow theme to it. The carol was Good King Wenceslas when the 'snow laid round about, deep and crisp and even'.

Claire created a winter wonderland in her hut with snow over every surface, a winter tree and the poor man out collecting wood while good King Wenceslas oversaw the whole scene from his lofty perch atop the beach hut.

Everything was given a magical touch by the sparkly light from a spinning starball and strings of fairy lights hung around the hut.

Because it was so clear and still tonight it was possible to put a few more things out than we've been able to in the past and there was a whole table for children (and any adults who wanted) with a range of things to do including decorating biscuits.

We seemed to have a lot of new people come along today and it looks like there might be more publicity going out this weekend as we've been contacted by a variety of news organisations in the last few days keen to cover our story.

The next hut is 399 up by the lagoon and we believe it will have a very eastern theme.

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