Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Beach Hut 23

We had another peaceful, calm evening for the penultimate hut of this first ever Advent Beach Hut Calendar, so calm that the candles in hut 410 hardly flickered at all.

The theme for tonight was The Holly and the Ivy and the centrepiece was a beautiful display featuring holly, ivy, bay leaves and oranges which smelt as gorgeous as it looked. Karen finished off the design with numerous candles in lanterns, on the centrepiece and in a fantastically ornate candelabra.

While the children helped themselves to gingerbread biscuits and more and more people came to join in, we sang the theme carol after hearing a little background about these two plants and their association with Christmas. Everyone was invited to take a little posy featuring a candle set with some ivy or to help themselves to an orange.

Tomorrow is our final day as it Christmas Eve and should be quite a special evening at hut 395 including a chance to receive a Christmas blessing. A number of the huts will also open at 3.30pm on Boxing Day for a little recap for those who might not have been able to get to one of the evenings or who are visiting Brighton & Hove for Christmas.

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