Sunday, 21 December 2008

Beach Hut 20

We had a very musical evening at beach hut number 225 as the theme was The Little Drummer Boy complete with live music and a chance for everyone to participate. Matt and Colleen gave us some background information about the song and its relationship to Christmas and why rhythm is so basic to all cultures before David and Jake got us all involved in a live version complete with the children joining in on various percussion instruments.

The hut featured our first Christmas tree which was all set up with lights and presents at its base and surrounded with candles and some drum themed decorations. It was great see so many people joining in with the singing and to have so many children running around enjoying themselves.

Next hut is number 315.

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Gilly said...

Oh my gosh! I've only just found you! What a wondeful idea. Just wish I lived nearer and could join you. Have lovely memories of beach huts from our family holidays, I can still smell the unique fragrance of wet woolly costumes, methelated spirits (for the stove!) and my Mum's famed fruit cake!

Will come again!