Monday, 15 December 2008

Beach Hut 15

The beach huts in Brighton & Hove are all built to the same design and could be described simply as reasonable sized sheds on the beach (which is why popular website has kept track of each night on their site throughout December).

The similarity between a beach hut and the cattle shed in which Jesus was born has not gone unnoticed to a few of our hut owners and some have fully exploited this.

Eileen at hut 382 saw this potential early on and booked Away in Manger as her carol and gave us the full stable experience tonight, with a manger, the baby Jesus, Mary and even a donkey peering out from the back of the stable.

Sadly Mary, Joseph and Jesus didn't have mince pies and mulled wine to keep them warm as we did, but the wise men and the shepherds did bring them lots of other gifts to celebrate the holy birth.

The next hut is the furthest East of all the huts involved in the calendar as it's number 7.

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carl h. sr. said...

I am really enjoying your posts of Advent 'huts'.
Each little story gives me a good feeling inside.
And I like to imagine being in that far-away place where you have decorated for Christ's Birthday!
Thank You,
Carl Humphreys