Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Beach Hut 10

We had a slightly quieter night at the beach tonight as we gathered at hut 381 for day 10 of our Advent Beach Hut Calendar. The hut featured a high concept theme as the carol was Come Thou Long Expected Jesus which is all about the suspense of waiting for Christ to come at Christmas.

Flo suspended a variety of musical instruments in the hut to remind us of the heavenly choir that sang at Jesus birth and will sing again when he returns.

The next hut is the furthest to the west right up by the lagoon as we head to number 425.


beachhutman said...

Advent calendar beach huts! Whatever next?
But in the past this might inteerest your community...
Check out the Mablethorpe Beach Hut Festival I blooged it here

or for Christian(ish) Beach hut links/sentiments for Christmas I wrote this last year: "A temple to love"

BEYOND said...

Thanks for your comments - unfortunately your Beachhutman links don't seem to work as I would love to read about the Mablethorpe Festival.