Monday, 1 December 2008

Beach Hut 1

Today was the launch of the first ever Advent Beach Hut Calendar and it was a spectacular start.

Not only did 60 or so people visit us during the hour we were open, but the heavens conspired to produce a truly amazing conjunction of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter in a constellation that gave us a spectacular vista out to sea as we sipped mulled wine and ate mince pies together.

This heavenly light was so unusual that apparently local radio stations were inundated with calls from people wanting to point this out. Of course we knew it was God putting his seal of approval on our beach front endeavour!

Hut 27 gave us a warm welcome with candles providing light and even a gas fire to help with the bitter cold. Tomorrow we move on to hut 128, see you there!

4 comments: said...

Hey can i ask is it only certain times you are open?

jonnybaker said...

love it - hope it goes well. i may try and pop down one day... i hope there will be photos every day!

BEYOND said...
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BEYOND said...

We'd love to see you down here Jonny, then we could get you to take some good photos!!