Monday 24 August 2009


BEYOND is very active at the Greenbelt arts and music festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend 28th - 31st August. As well as taking about a dozen people to the festival we're setting up a number of things and running an event which we hope will inspire people.

We're creating a number of installations on site which we hope people will interact with and which will point them to God.

Ice Age contemplation is a 1.5 tonne ice sculpture which will be placed between the festival village and the main stage. Over the weekend it will melt to reveal objects which we've embedded into the ice and which people can take away with them.

The Prayer Wall will be next to the main arena and is an opportunity for anyone to write a short prayer on a ribbon and then tie it into a pattern on a fence we will have set up. Hopefully by the end of the weekend all the ribbons will form a giant picture loosely based on the work of the Manga Bible artist, Siku.

A friend of BEYOND is creating a Burning Bush (within the stringent health and safety guidelines laid down by Greenbelt and the racecourse!) which will give people an opportunity to consider what it means to be on Holy Ground.

Finally we're running an event on Saturday 29th at 4pm entitled LIGHT in collaboration with our friend, the light artist Chris Levine. It's in the venue Greenbelt are calling Film but the racecourse call Foxhunter. Chris is lending us some of his amazing light sculptures, lasers and blipverts. We're also borrowing a cross from Andy Doig of Fishtail Neon to add in to the mix along with some spectacular lights of our own.

If you're at the festival please come and say hello and for those who can't attend we'll post some photos and news here afterwards.

The BEYOND website now has our Autumn programme on it and we are in the process of creating a printed Beach Hut Advent Calendar which we hope to have on sale sometime in October. It will be a unique advent calendar based on photographs from last years event - please let us know if this is something you would be interested in buying.

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Cal said...

Oh poo, poo, poo....I remember reading about Light before I went (either here or somewhere else - possibly Maggi's blog) and mentally noting it as something that sounded fabulous and then I completely forgot to go to it.


Hope it went well.