Thursday 6 December 2018

6th December - Hut 227

The weather took centre stage this evening, defying the forecasters who predicted that it would be mild and dry. What the team from St. Bartholomew's school got instead was continuous rain and a strong, blustery wind which made the whole event a bit of a challenge.

The children of year 6 at the school had learnt how to craft beautiful three dimensional stars and written their own proverbs on each star.

The stars were black, gold, silver or white and were in variety of sizes and styles.  The weather came into it's own as the wind caused the stars to dance and swirl around.  

The proverbs were sometimes just one word repeated on all the surfaces of the star or made up a phrase such as 'See the Beauty in Others'.

They not only filled the hut but also lined up along the apex, and forming and interesting contrast with the stripes of the doors and surrounded by Christmas lights which twinkled and shone in the rain.

Despite the weather we still had a good number of people drop by including some visitors who came direct to the hut from Hove station, having just traveled down from York.  We were also visited by a TV crew from Meridian and so should be on the TV sometime over the weekend.

Tomorrow we're at hut 191 with another school.